• Cmple 28 AWG HDMI 1.4 Cable with Ethernet


    PROS / Cmple's cable includes an Ethernet channel and has a wider bandwidth to support the latest audio-visual technologies.

    CONS / We would prefer high-purity copper conductors.

    VERDICT / The cable is HDMI certified, includes an Ethernet channel and is a great bargain for home use.

    Cmple offers a variety of HDMI 1.4 cables with Ethernet in three different gauge categories: 30 AWG, 28 AWG and 26 AWG. Cmple 28 AWG HDMI 1.4 Cable with Ethernet is a great choice and winner of our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

    Cmple 28 AWG HDMI 1.4 Cable with Ethernet

    Cmple offers two products in this category – one with ferrite cores and one without ferrite cores. However, neither conductor metal competes with the high-purity copper conductors used by the best HDMI cables. Ferrite is an oxygenated iron alloy, which is a lower grade of metal. It is more subject to corrosion and does not provide as clean of a signal as high-purity copper, which has the second highest conductivity property of any metal – silver being the highest.

    1. The minimum length in which the cable is available
      Products sold by the meter are converted to feet
    2. 2 Cmple
      1.5 Feet
    3. 1.64 Feet
    4. 1.64 Feet
    5. Category Average
      2.35 Feet

    Cmple's cable is certified by HDMI Licensing LLC in the 1.4 with Ethernet category. The 1.4 specification requires that the cable maintain a bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps (gigabits per second) and that it support a screen resolution of 1080p. Cmple's cable exceeds this standard to support 3D and advanced color spaces including sYCC601 and Adobe YCC601. These technologies require higher screen resolutions than 8-bit RGB (red, green and blue) and 16-bit Deep Color formats, which the cable also supports.

    As do some of the best cables that we reviewed, the Cmple cable includes an Ethernet channel that provides an internet connection. Having an Ethernet channel within the HDMI cable eliminates the need to use a separate coaxial cable. The signal is also stronger than a wireless connection, but it only works with devices that are equipped to use the technology.

    The cable supports compressed digital audio formats including Dolby Digital and DTS (Digital Theater System), as well as the newer uncompressed formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

    The Cmple cable has gold-plated connectors. The best HDMI cables use 24-karat gold-plated connectors at each end that do the best job of resisting corrosion, but Cmple doesn't indicate the grade of gold that it uses. However, the cable gets points for using a reinforced quad-layer braided shielding, in combination with a Mylar-foil shielding layer, to prevent noise and interference from other electronic signals nearby.

    The cable is available in lengths of 1.5, 3, 6, 10 and 15 feet. As a result, the cable is not CL3 safety certified for in-wall installation, which is required for cables over 15 feet, but the cable is not safety certified for shorter cables either. The cable is not available in lengths longer than 15 feet because it is not able to maintain a 10.2 Gbps signal in longer distances.

    Cmple offers an unlimited, 30-day warranty on its products. The company provides customer support by email only. Its website offers live chat some of the time, but it does not include a FAQs page.


    The Cmple 28 AWG HDMI 1.4 Cable with Ethernet supports the latest HDMI technologies. It provides a wider bandwidth than the standard 10.2 Gbps in order to support 3D and advanced color spaces. However, the product is manufactured with lower-grade materials than the best products we reviewed.

    Cmple 28 AWG HDMI 1.4 Cable with Ethernet